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Wrap Up: Miller Top Producer & Open House Reception

Wrap Up: Miller Top Producer & Open House Reception

DALLAS, TX – – Henry S. Miller would like to thank the many north Texas commercial real estate professionals, friends and family that attended their Top Producer & Open House Reception last week at the new corporate headquarters. The 11th floor at Stanford Corporate Centre was overflowing with big name commercial real estate executives, lawyers, servicers, family members of the Millers and of Miller staff. “Vance would have been happy to know it was an evening filled with cherished memories and great friends.” said Mrs. Geraldine ‘Tincy’ Miller, Chair Lady at Henry S. Miller Companies.

The evening was started with an internal celebration of Henry S. Miller’s Top 10 Producers: #1. Dan Spika, #2 Shawn Ackerman, #3. Tom Grunnah, #4. Jim Turano, #5. Lily Chang, #6. John St. Clair, #7. Mark Porterfield, #8. Jerry Averyt, #9. Lane Kommer and #10. John Bielamowicz. All of the Top Producers were in attendance to accept their award which was designed this year to commemorate the Miller 100th Anniversary. Henry S. Miller has celebrated their annual Top Producers for decades and is honored each year they have the opportunity to show their appreciation for their Top Producers’ hard work and success.

The Open House followed the Top Producer ceremony, where Henry S. Miller colleagues, friends and family were welcomed with passed hors d’oeuvres, beverages, music and nostalgic photos and videos. “We had a great crowd.” said Sam Kartalis, President & COO of Henry S. Miller Realty Services. “ It was especially rewarding to see so many Henry S. Miller alumni show up.” Guests started their tour in the lobby where they could admire model airplanes that the late Vance C. Miller collected for years; models of aircraft that Mr. Miller himself piloted while he was in the Air Force. The beautiful glass cabinets in the lobby also feature accolades that Henry S. Miller, Jr and Juanita Miller received for their work with the Dallas Arts community. It is evident throughout the office how important the company history and legacy are to the leaders; there are walls dedicated to historical photos and awards of past leaders. The office also features recent photos of the MillerTime softball team, company events, Top Producers and the faces at Miller that will help carry on the legacy of service and integrity into the next century.