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Professional Information

Mark Porterfield, Senior Vice President of Henry S. Miller, is a distinguished figure in the commercial real estate industry, known for his extensive experience and exceptional expertise in multifamily investments. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Mark’s professional journey has been marked by a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence.


Mark’s dedication to serving his country led him to enlist in the US Navy from 1982 to 1989. During his service, he had the honor of being stationed aboard two prestigious aircraft carriers, the USS America CV-66 and the USS Carl Vinson CVN 70. His responsibilities included operating and managing flight deck aircraft launch and recovery systems, showcasing his meticulous attention to detail and ability to perform under pressure. It was during his naval career that Mark pursued his academic interests, studying business and economics at Tulane University.


Following his honorable discharge from the Navy, Mark embarked on a successful career as a Financial Advisor. From 1989 to 1997, he worked with renowned financial firms such as EF Hutton and Southwest Securities in Dallas, Texas. Mark specialized in municipal bonds, providing expert guidance on 401K education and implementation, as well as employee stock investment programs for various Fortune 500 companies. In addition, he managed an extensive portfolio of over 500 personal clients, offering tailored investment solutions to meet their diverse needs.


In 1997, Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for real estate led him to establish his own Commercial Real Estate Brokerage with Marcus & Millichap. Focusing on multifamily investments, Mark quickly gained recognition for his exceptional negotiation skills and comprehensive understanding of the market. Within just four years, he successfully closed over 25 multifamily properties, predominantly encompassing C and B class properties throughout the state of Texas.


In 2002, Mark transitioned to his current position as Senior Vice President with Henry S Miller Brokerage, where he continues to thrive as a multifamily specialist. With over 50 multifamily property closures and the personal ownership and management of eight multifamily properties, Mark’s expertise is unparalleled. His extensive experience equips him with an acute understanding of maintenance and management issues, as well as staffing and tenant behaviors.


With an impressive tenure of over 23 years in multifamily brokerage and ownership/management, Mark Porterfield has become a trusted name in the industry. He firmly believes in the power of building relationships and providing exceptional service to his clients. Mark’s commitment to delivering value is exemplified by his offer of a free Brokers Opinion of Value on clients’ properties. He eagerly looks forward to engaging with prospective clients and utilizing his wealth of experience to help them achieve their investment goals.

Sample of Closings

Barrymore Apts. 80 Norwegian Woods 113 Bradfield Creek Town 26 Huntsville Apartments 48
Tropicana 24 Ivanhoe 197 Ashley Forest 120 Calais/Slopes Condos 61
Stonewood 160 Courtyard of Golf Hills 33 Little Brook 52 New Orleans Carrollton 68
Carribean 12 Desert Sun 28 Vista Del Sol 60 Ashley Forest Apts 107
The Oaks 147 Reagan Apts. 7 Loggins Court 50 Cedars Condos 32
The Terrace 22 Hoodview Apts. 150 Carrollton Arms 72 Willow Gate Apts 76
Scott Gardens 24 Catalina Apts. 12 Amberwoods 60 Crossroads Apts 32
Presidents Corner 100 Northwood Square Apts. 34 Willow Gate 76 Sevilla Condos 104
Pamona Terrace 44 Williamsburg Town 40 Tropicana & Carribean 36 Windjammer Condos 32
Courtyard Golf Hlls. 33 Scott Gardens 24 Little Brook Apartments 52 Vista Del Sol 60

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