Darrell Hurmis Named EVP Henry S. Miller Equity Partners, Inc.

(Dallas, TX) –Darrell Hurmis, Executive Vice President and Principal of the Land and Investments Division of Henry S. Miller Cos., has been appointed Executive Vice President of HSM Equity Partners, Inc. (HSMEP). He will spearhead equity investment efforts as he continues his position in Land and Investments.
Mr. Hurmis’ responsibilities include establishing contact with existing investors to discuss past and future investments and developing new equity investors for future HSMEP offerings. He also works with Henry S. Miller Companies’ associates, employees and others on referrals of potential investors and staying abreast of existing investment properties and projects as well as potential future investment offerings.

HSMEP offers investment opportunities to high net worth individuals, private trusts, endowment funds, pension funds, insurance companies and private investor groups interested in partnering with Henry S. Miller Company and its affiliates in a variety of income producing investment properties and welled planned real estate developments.