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Experienced “Hands On” Management & Leasing Services

Henry S. Miller Property Management (HSMPM) has always been an important area of expertise and focus for the Henry S. Miller family of companies.  Our goal is not to be the biggest management company in the business. Our goal is to be the best management company in the business. We strive to provide the highest level of comprehensive property management services in a smaller, more personal environment.  Henry S. Miller Property Management is a fully integrated commercial real estate property management company specializing in retail, office, industrial, medical, commercial and multifamily properties.  We also provide customized management and investment opportunities to our clients and partners.

Throughout the 100 year history of the Henry S. Miller Companies, we have continued  a legacy of family pride and community involvement. Through our comprehensive services and approach to management, Henry S. Miller Realty Management provides the opportunity to make a difference to its employees, residents, clients and business partners.

Comprehensive array of property management and investment services:


  • Market Analysis hold-sell analysis
  • Budget and forecast oversight and review
  • Capital improvement oversight
  • Property management evaluation and review
  • Integrate annual operating plans into a comprehensive property or portfolio business plan
  • Provide “Hold vs Sell” analysis and recommendation to maximize the value of each asset


  • Over 30 years’ experience in the acquisition, management and leasing of commercial real estate
  • A history of successful commercial real estate development, financing, management and operations
  • Thorough site visits on a regular basis
  • Local and regional expertise and depth of resources  


  • In-depth understanding and analysis of real estate values
  • Initial validation to target tenants, buyers, service providers, etc. thru detailed on-site due diligence
  • Comprehensive management plans 


  • Outstanding track record across virtually all asset classes from development, financing, acquisitions, renovations, operations, management, leasing and dispositions
  • Customized marketing and operating strategies for each property and submarket


  • Accounting systems operated in real-time and networked from onsite locations to our corporate office
  • Expedited reporting to management, clients and business partners
  • Financial review that focuses on accuracy and opportunities


  • A strong track record of working partnerships with our owners and investors
  • Deliver real estate solutions that meet our clients short and long term objectives
  • Solutions driven and committed to delivering service excellence
  • Portfolio scale and expertise to offer the highest quality offerings in premier locations
  • Make informed investment decisions via online access to all monthly financial and owner reports

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